ColaDI Collaborative Document Manager for Industrial Design

Nowadays companies tend to spend time organizing documents and meeting with clients by traveling often to discuss matters which could be solved by using collaboration tools. ColaDI aims at solving these problem thought the development of solutions for a simple and transparent management of documents produced by industrial design as well as by improving the industry's quality of service. During the project new approaches for multiuser collaboration will be researched, enabling an easier and direct discussion over documents, 2D and 3D. New calligraphic and gesture based interfaces will be developed thus increasing usability, ease of use and user conversion. Through the collaboration between inEvo and INESC-ID research results will be ported to production quality platforms and architectures which can be used in commercial solutions. A partnership with CENTIMFE will enable a close contact and provide validation by the mould industry.[/box]

This project is a collaboration between inEvo and Inesc-ID , the most prestigious research center in Portugal, with the partnership fromCENTIMFE, the technology center of mold industry in Marinha Grande, Portugal.

ColaDI is a project supported by QREN on the Incentive System for Technology Research and Development in Companies em Co-Promotion. With a two years duration, it has the goal of integrating online collaboration and content retrieval on document and design contents management systems. Results will be target to all design industries like mold and ceramics industries, ateliers, marketing and design houses, etc.

The main goal of the project is, thus, to build a platform allowing the integration of new research results in the areas of document collaboration, classification and retrieval, taking into account the solution's usability and use of new interaction techniques. ColaDI will be a bridge for future cooperation between its partners and will provide a commercial and real life use of research results.

For the industry, this project will provide the means for document management, centralized information and creation of new internal processes. Simplified and immediate collaboration reduces costs with meetings, augments the dialog with clients and is a wager on quality of service as a distinguishing factor.