Content-based Retrieval

find your content by sketch and by example

Searching and retrieving existing documents allows companies to reuse previous work. Whether for using these as templates, or as portfolio to a client, or for budgeting approximations, content reuse should be high on your company's priority list as a tool for cutting down costs and for maintaining standards and quality throughout every project. EnContRA is an Engine for Content Retrieval Applications and will allow us to bring work developed by research students and professionals to commercial solutions. This framework was developed in tight collaboration with INESC-ID and will allow researchers to jump start their work by providing a common set of building blocks for content based retrieval applications.

Visual Search

This demo video shows content retrieval with visual search. Features like similar content, similar to file and both with advance filters are present. Also, an Android app for visual search from the galery or camera shot.

EnContRA framework - Image & Vector Based Search

This video shows the test webapp developed to experiment with the EnContRA framework.