Design Content Management

manage your 2D and 3D designs

Traditional enterprise content management systems support a wide range of office documents but here is a lack of support for design content, both 2D and 3D. During ColaDI we developed a series of modules to allow analyzing, converting and extracting metadata from some of the most relevant 2D and 3D file formats. These components were then integrated into a world class open source ECM solution: Nuxeo as a prove of concept.

The annotation system offered by Nuxeo allows us to create text based annotations on documents and relies on the Annotea standard. We have extended the existing annoation module to produce SVG annotations allowing you to sketch freely on any supported design document.

Industrial Design Content Support

This is a first video showing support for 2D drawings (PSD, DXF and SVG) and 3D models (BREP, STEP, X3D)

It demos the following features:

  • New Drawing document type for 2D vector designs
  • Importing PSD and DXF files
  • Image based preview
  • SVG preview which will allow us to add layers support and  navigation tools. The PSD conversion maps layer effects to SVG filters.
  • New 3D document type
  • Importing BREP and STEP files
  • Swivel preview using pre-rendered images
  • WebGL preview using X3DOM. The models are converted to X3D and processed to allow embedding in an HTML page.
  • Support for CAD file attributes like Colors

2D & 3D Annotations

This demo video shows content annotations in Nuxeo. Annotations can be done over 2D contents - bitmap and SVG - and 3D contents - step, igs, brep - with different types of annotations.

  • HTML5 SVG based annotation editor
  • Camera navigation tools (pan, zoom, rotate)
  • Annotation/Layer management
  • Support from Image, Drawing and 3D documents
  • View annotations for 3D content
  • 3D navigation
  • Object annotations / billboards